About Me

I am a fiber artist and award winning professional machine quilter. Professionally quilting since 2004 I own and operate two Gammill quilting machines one of which is fully computerized.

My specialty is free hand quilting designed specifically for each individual’s quilt. I am also happy to complete your quilts with less complex all over/edge to edge quilting if that is what your quilt requires.

I have been sewing crafts and garments since an early age and quilting since 1983.  I was always around some kind of crafting, my mother enjoyed needle work and my father was a wood worker. A lifelong fascination with fabrics, their texture and color became the stepping stones to creating my own fiber art. My background is far removed from art but I realized art was a part of me and simple hard work and perspiration eventually gave way to inspiration.

Contact me at jeanquilts@hotmail.com or call 541-401-2569.

One response to “About Me

  1. Hello from Canada. I am an avid quilter and my husband is a Drag Racer. I love to wander into small shops anywhere and pick up a few fabric choices. It is all like Candy to me. We race summer months in Malta Montana which is a long ways from Oregan. My husband has a 72 Nova and my son has a 79 Malibu. I cook for the boys while they race and I cheer on my son as he is 1/100 of a secound from beating his dad in the 8th mile. I would love to find fabric with drag racing or hot rod theme. My small community does not bring in that kind of fabrics. I will make a new quilt for the motorhome if I can find some. My grandson who is 7 should have 10w 30 for blood needs a quilt for his new bed as well. So I will be busy.
    Happy New Year from Canada. Luanne Schultz


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