Pursuit of Excellence Number 4

I am a month late but I have a very good excuse.  The week I schedule for my personal quilting was spend fishing 🙂  For the record I caught two halibut, one which was 48 lbs, a coho lots of rock fish and dungeness crab.  It was a week spend with friends on the boat, relaxing and enjoying the scenery of southeast Alaska.

This month I am back on track.  I am fond of this design but it is a lot of template work to make those arcs.  Lots of wiggles and waggles to add to its charm but overall I happy with it.

First is the marked top.  Registration lines worked for some of the arcs the others had to be drawn in there so I would have a chance at getting it right.

wcd41The main motifs quilted out.  Interestingly enough  (long arm quilters need to know this part) it was almost continuous.

wcd42The “whole” thing followed by a detail shot.

wcd43 wcd44As I progress with my monthly challenge I have decided I actually need to be spending an hour a day “playing” instead on putting it all into one week.  Somehow I have to try to fit that in between clients quilts.

The technical stuff:  cotton sateen fabric, quilters dream cotton plus Hobbs Tuscany wool batting, Superior bottom line thread top and bottom.





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