In Pursuit of Excellence #3

Month 3.  WOW!  I am actually keeping up.  Three months of creating a new whole cloth quilt from scratch.  One blank piece of paper (I do have grid lines on it), a pencil, big eraser, stacks of tracing paper and a desire to create.

I recently visited the Jeffery Hull Gallery in Cannon Beach, Oregon.  As we looked at all his wonderful paintings Tim ask how many paintings he produced each year.  The answer was: 50.  Here I am trying to do just one each month in this specific genre.  I am producing quilting, so to speak, because I work on many quilts made by my clients each month but I am thinking Jeffery Hull has the right idea.  The more we produce, good bad or ugly, the more we learn and grow.  And yes, I did purchase a small print titled Red Wing and Cattails.  The song of the Red Wing Blackbird is pure music.

Here is the full on view of Whole Cloth Design #3. Remember these pieces are small, finishing at 18.5”.

wcd3fullThe next two detail shots show the center and the corners.  The swirly back fill quilting is one of my favorites but I will never repeat it at this scale. I feel I cannot let the stitching flow when I cram it into such a small space. It is highly effective but needs a bit of space around it. Actually, at the scale of these pieces a nice tight stipple/meander works the best!

wcd3detail2 wcd3detail1In all reality, I am not so jazzed about this one.  The stitching is fine, the design is lacking.  I do like the smaller arches on the edge with the “mostly” straight lines.  Such a great way to anchor the edges.  The center feather design has potential but the rest of it…..that is why we are engaged in this monthly study.

Back to quilting now!!!

2 responses to “In Pursuit of Excellence #3

  1. Just beautiful, jean! I think the design is amazingly detailed for such a small piece! Hey, Jeri and Laurie will be here the end of July. It would be wonderful to take a trek down to see you and your mom. And wouldn’t it be a kick if your sisters could be here, too, and we could have a little reunion? Dad would no doubt come, too…


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