In Pursuit of Excellence Number 2

Yes, I really did continue with my plan which I now referr to as my “monthlies”  Just like a magazine, deadlines and everything 🙂  Finished last week, but gave up on getting the binding on before pictures and posting.

My exercise for May was primarily about ruler work.  Continuous curves, curved crosshatching and straight lines.  The straight lines need more work.  I seem to continually misjudge my quarter inch echo lines making some a bit fatter or skinnier and occassionally just right.  I am actually going to try and find some extra time to redo this one with smaller squares on the edges.  The first design was infact 3″ squares and the center square was echoed but I balked at the curved cross hatching in that small of a space so enlarged them.

I also graduated to silk thread from Superior Threads.  Only had to back of tension 3 full turns and I was up and running.  Shocked me.  Love the look of that thread but especially the slight color contrast.  Able to see where you are going and where you have been much better.

Be sure to click on the pictures for a larger view.  Here is the full on view:

WCD21Center detait.  Loved the look of putting the extra meandering between the echo lines, made the feather arcs stand out very nicely.

WCD23corner detail:  I do not like the extra space left in the curved crosshatching corners.  Best option, add another line of quilting but lots of backtracking to get a 1/4″ line in there.  Obviously I choose not to do this but it does need it.  I may rethink the shapes that I am cross hatching to account for this.

WCD22April and May projects together.

WCD24I also used an auto correct exposure with my photo editing software to try and get more contrast so I think the color looks a bit weird but it is easier to see the stitching.

2 responses to “In Pursuit of Excellence Number 2

  1. Jean, you know this borders on insanity? Wow, these pieces are gorgeous! I didn’t realize you were bent on one per month when I saw them in your studio. Way to go!!


    • LOL, Ruth! Yes, one each month thru the year. The other thing that is interesting is working small again. Forgotten how much I like smaller scale. Thank you for the compliments


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