Counted Cross Stitch Memory Quilt

These United State counted cross stitch blocks were made by Sue Ann as a memory of her travels which I put into a quilt for her.  Hand needlework has never been my strong point but I sure do admire what others do and was thrilled to make this quilt for Sue Ann.

For those of you that may be interested in turning your counted cross stitch blocks into a quilt, this is what I learned about working with Aida cloth.  First off it is relatively stiff especially alongside quilting cottons.   This worked to my advantage as the Aida cloth did not move on me as I was applying the sashing.  It became problematic as I sewed the rows together.  The stiffness made it difficult to line up each row and secondly, it became heavy.   The solution was lots of pins and taking my time to ensure each block was lined up properly.  Overall I wouldn’t hesitate to do this again and recommend that you try it if you have  many cross stitch blocks that are being neglected.

One of my favorite states because I love the motto 🙂


The quilting was kept simple, cross hatching through the blocks in very thin thread, swirls through the sashing and around the continental United States applique to represent water.  Echoed wavy lines in the borders for “amber waves of grain”,  a star in each corner.  The applique center is quilted with words:  Land of the Free, Home of the Brave.  The top border says America the Beautiful  the bottom border,  from sea to shining sea.


Thank you, Sue Ann, for letting me be a part of your quilt.

18 responses to “Counted Cross Stitch Memory Quilt

  1. Wow, Jean…that is just beautiful! I have a cross stitch panel I did as a teen and I’m thinking of using it in the center of a quilt. But it will take some designing…


  2. I am very pleased with the quilt. I am looking forward to enjoying it for many years to come. I traveled all over the United States with my family on many different vacations. They are some of my fondest memories growing up. I will say that I have not cross stitched since I completed the states. I don’t think my fingers could take another prick from the needle or my eyes see well enough to focus on those tiny squares, BUT I will enjoying looking at the quilt and remembering all the great family vacations. THANK YOU!


  3. That is a beautiful quilt! I stitched those same blocks over 20 years (in between other cross-stitch projects) and am now preparing to finish it into a quilt with much help from my mother-in-law and a professional quilter!


    • The cross-stitch block patterns came from Janlynn. I bought them back in 1994 so I would be surprised if they’re still available. I stitched them in alphabetical order and started saving them with Connecticut. If there’s one square you want to stitch and you’re willing to share an address, I could send you a pattern if it’s after Connecticut or a detailed photo if it’s before.


  4. Hi…I know this is an old post but I am looking for some advice on making a quilt out of cross stich projects.
    I want to make a quilt for my Granddaughter with cross stitched pictures of cats. I have gathered up all the cat cross stitch patterns and kits that I’ll be using but I was thinking that instead of using the regular 14 count Aida cloth I would use 28 count Jobalon linen and also use Perle Cotton #5 thread instead of the regular floss. The reason being is that I want her to be able to use the quilt and it be washed/cleaned and hold up for years to come (all within reason of course).
    Any advise on this would be greatly appreciated.


    • I know the linen will look nice, I have one my mother did with linen but I hang it on the wall. I am not a counted cross stitch person so I can’t really help you. I would recommend checking some forums.


  5. Hello! Could I ask what size the quilt is, and what size is the red middle map and the size of the middle block that has the red map? I started on the cross stitch and have 10 states done. Your quilt is so lovely that I would like to do one for my project.


    • I don’t recall the size but the size is dictated by the size of the cross stitch blocks. The middle block with the map is equivalent to the blocks plus sashing, so what ever size you make them, make this block to fit and use a map that fills the space nicely.


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