For the Love of Quilting

I am not a big “heart” person, not something I typically put on my quilts.  Obviously I have made exceptions…. I purchased a Moneca Calvert pattern in 1991 called Hearts Abloom.   This is the cover:


20 plus years later I have made my version of it.  The prints and piecing no longer appealed to me and even back then I thought it was busy but did like the design.  The main idea was to fill it with fancy quilting.


I learned a lot during this project.  Number one, I no longer like using black.  It is great against the applique pieces but not so good on my eyes.  Number two, always go with plan A.  I changed what I was doing for the major quilting motif in the background above the corner hearts and most importantly toned down the thread.  The green Isocord blends a bit to much and shines a bit to much where I have back stitched.  Back stitching everywhere or nowhere would have worked better but mostly you lose the design into the black.    Ah well….still think it looks pretty nice 🙂

Feathers and floral motifs in side hearts.

IMG_1024The corner showing the disappearing heart quilting

IMG_1021Corner and edge quilting:

IMG_1023Center appliques all with floral or feather quilting and curved crosshatching.

IMG_1020And my favorite part….the back:


2 responses to “For the Love of Quilting

  1. I have been looking for this pattern for around 2 years. I have looked the internet over and over. Is there a place I could purchase that you know of or if it is redone? Help


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