Happy Holidays

Every year after the Christmas quilting rush is over I try to clean up an old project or tame my scraps. This year it is an old craft project that began in the early 90’s when I spotted a wood working magazine with a nutcracker fireplace screen. Had to have it so I shipped off the pattern to my father who was a wood worker. His idea of wood working was more along the lines of fine furniture but he graciously broke his rules and cut them out for me. Thanks, Dad.

I was in charge of painting and embellishments. The problem, I am a lousy painter so they hung around for years semi started. Then one day my “other mother”, Flora Reid, a woman near and dear to my heart and an artist, stopped by for a visit. I shamelessly asked her to paint them for me. No hurry I said, what’s a few more years at this point….needless to say they were back a couple months later and that was a couple years ago. Finally finished! I love the faces, each a bit different. They do still need braces to stand up, one last little chore to be finished up this week.

Flora, thank you so much. I will have a couple shipped off to you!





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