Cutting back on the clutter

This week I have decided to clean out the guest room closet. It is one of those closets that is the repository for things you don’t know what to do with or “need” to save in case you figure out a use for them. In my case it is also where I store old quilting magazines. Fortunately, I quit doing that years ago but still have about 10 magazine racks to sort through. Now I sort and rip out an idea or piece that inspires me and pitch the rest within a year.

What fascinated me with this undertaking was what still appealed to me. The OLD magazines. Not the patterns but the ads, fabric at $4.50 a yard. Muslin so cheap I couldn’t believe it. The columns written by Jean Ray Laurey and Jeffery Gutchenson (I may have spelled those wrong). To this day they are thought provoking. Do any of you remember them? No links to websites or email addresses. Send a self addressed stamped envelope……Are you kidding?

Here is a cover from 1980. Do you recognize her?


I have many more to go through but the good news is, I also found a quilt top…..and a bag of exercise projects from a workshop with Nancy Crow in1994. So many fun things and I haven’t gotten to the entire closet yet.

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