Longarm Appliqué

I have been wrestling with ways to do appliqué now that my eyes don’t like the hand work anymore. Neither do my hands for that matter. I am not fond of clear thread and a zig zag stitch so I’ve been trying different ways to accomplish appliqué on the Longarm.

The method of edge stitching was introduced about a year or more ago by JoAnn Blade called Appliqué the Statler Way. I have modified her technique by quilting the background first then applying the appliqué all freehand.

I started with leaf shapes I drew on freezer paper, iron those to their chosen fabrics and draw around it with chalk. This is what it looks like sitting on the quilted background with the freezer paper on it.


Now, remove the freezer paper and quilt on the lines

Next, very carefully cut away the excess fabric right along the stitched line. Very carefully!

I used appliqué scissors and small curved at the end pointy scissors. If you cut through your stitching……add another leaf.

The only problem is the raw edges do want to fray a bit. But, they are leaves so that is okay with me. Using fusible web would alleviate that issue.
This photo shows part of the leaf cut away.


Here is the finished quilt. And we are off to start the next one.


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