A Day at the Drag Strip

When its a day off from quilting, we are at the drag strip.   Tim enjoys drag racing in his 1957 Studebaker.  Way cool, huh?  He purchased the truck with the roll bars already in it but everything else he pretty much did himself.  With a bit of help from his drag racing friends, of course.

Here is the truck, it has such a different look, I absolutely love it.

Here he his with many others staging for their turn.  Mostly we run in the Nostalgia Series which is cars/trucks older than 1970.   He races in the Hot Rod 1 series which is 1959 or older, no stick shift.  Remember, the only thing old about most of these cars is the body 🙂

Headed to the track….

The burnout.  Gotta have those tires hot and sticky.  Something about traction.   Needless to say I’m the total novice at this.  Starting to learn the lingo and understand how the truck runs but….do we have to buy new tires every year?  Yep

At the line and getting ready to mash that peddle to the floor.

The reader board is his time for the 1/4 mile and his speed which is actually from 2 weeks ago.  It all got much better this Saturday.    Lowest reaction time was 0.016 which is outstanding.

His racing friend, Jim, drives a 1940 Ford with a 4 speed.

Another friend, Dan, in his Plymouth.

Tim, all decked out with his helmet on.

We do enjoy the race weekends.  Visiting, enjoying the old cars.  Pretty fun what people do with them.  Hobbies….we all need one.



3 responses to “A Day at the Drag Strip

  1. That’s so cool Jean! I really miss the drag strip. I haven’t raced since the early 80s when we had the 23 T-Bucket. Well, except for when I ran my Mustang in 2000 at the all-Ford drags, but that’s just my daily driver – not a hot rod…lol 😉 Hope you guys have lots of nice weather this summer for racing. Have fun!!


  2. Way cool sista Jean the bean! That looks fun. Can’t wait to see Tim race one of these days. Xo


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