My Little Blue Quilt

Needing a bit of inspiration, I purchased a new DVD by Lisa Calle called Divide and Design, The Cure for Quilter’s Agoraphobia.  Basically she takes those wide open spaces and divides them with curved or straight lines to break down the areas into manageable areas to quilt.  So….I created a small quilt with an applique block left over from some long forgotten project to create larger areas for quilting.   This little quilt is only 32″ square but  it provided me with many hours of pleasurable design and quilting time.

The entire quilt.

Quilting detail of the center portion.

Outer triangle and interior swag.  Those straight, or mostly straight, lines are 1/4″ apart and theoretically line up with the interior straight lines.  Filling that differently would have been a bit easier and it seems a bit crowded to me.

For my fellow thread collectors, I used Isocord and So Fine threads.  Batting is wool and Quilter’s Dream cotton.

I highly recommend giving this technique a try.


4 responses to “My Little Blue Quilt

  1. This is gorgeous Jean! You filled the negative space beautifully.
    This is exactly what I have been wanting to play around with, but haven’t gotten any further than my sketch book.
    Thanks for the inspiration!


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