Fresh off the Long Arm

These are a few of the client quilts that I have recently finished.  All three are Judy Neimeyer designs with all those pointy points.  Beautiful quilts, difficult to piece but the finished product is always worth it.  Not that I have made any but I get to enjoy many of them!

This first one  is an Amazon Star pattern.  All 116″ x 116″ of it.  Quilted with an all-over fern style design it is very unobtrusive leaving the piecework to shine.

This blue/green marvel, made by Alice, is Glacier Star.

A detail shot of the piecing and quilting.

Here you can see where I marked the feathers in this shape.  It is a bit large and straight on one side so marking helped me keep the feathers where I wanted them.  I use chalk which brushes right off and don’t worry much about staying exactly on the lines.  More of a guideline for me.  The full on view of the quilt shows how they quilted out.

This is how I filled the space along the violet shape along the flying geese.  All those curves!

This smaller quilt is called Golden Harvest.  Dense spirals fill the white portion of the quilt with flame style quilting in the pointy points and a vine of leaves in the border.

A detail shot of the center.

I love these designs for their complexity and movement.  Needless to say they are also a pleasure to quilt.




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