A Day in the Garden

Sunday was a day off from long arm quilting.  Spent all day watering, weeding, harvesting and planning new flowerbeds for next year.  Was a great day of rest for me.  I love getting outdoors and playing in the dirt.

The first chard harvest not counting the second thinning.  I’m thinking I may have to thin again. The earwigs and cucumber beetles have been getting a bit more than their share but I still have plenty.



This year’s volunteer Cosmos.  They reseed like crazy but didn’t come up until late because the garden didn’t get tilled until late.  Was a pretty wet spring.  The next picture is of last years cosmos.









And….drum roll, please….regardless of the wet spring my tomatoes were planted out in early May and I actually have a few tomatoes.  Of course, it will be a least another month before they are ready to eat.  Oh well.

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