Train Your Brain to Free Motion Quilt

Today was my quilting class at Callapooya Quilts in Brownsville.  The class is based on the premise that you can “train” your brain to understand what it is going to be quilting before you ever apply needle and thread to fabric.  We spend a lot of time drawing before we quilt.  The drawing or doodling cements the ideas within our brain to enhance the eye-hand coordination required to move the quilt through the machine.

This is the sample of everything we quilted (I know, I need better picture) and a few of the students.

Free Motion Quilting Sample

Cathy and Sharon drawing

Megan practicing on her machine

Practice, practice

The follow up to this class is on March 12th.  Anyone who took the class last year or this year can sign up for round 2.  See the page on classes for more info.


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