Why we need larger backings

I always ask for the backing fabric to be at least 8″ wider and 8″ longer than the quilt top.  The reason is to have enough to pin the fabric to the leaders and have extra on the sides to accommodate the clamps that are used to keep the backing fabric straight and taunt.  We also need room to use rulers and templates that do not hit on those pins.   As always the pictures tell the story.

Here is the backing in the process of being pinned to the leader.  Can you see that I am using up close to an 1″ just to pin to one leader?

Pinning back to leaders







Backing attached to leaders

Now it is all pinned on and ready for batting and the top.

Here is the top basted along the edge with only a hopping foot width from the leaders.  I really don’t want to sew through those pins!

To close to the pins

On the sides I barely have enough room to clamp onto the backing and clear it with the hopping foot.  Again, very bad things happen if you hit those clamps.

Hopping foot to close to clamps

I forgot to take a picture of the finished quilt and it is already in a box to be shipped back to the client, but it is a cute baby quilt made with soft flannels, quilted with soft and breathable wool batting.  I’m sure the baby will love it!

2 responses to “Why we need larger backings

  1. Jean,
    Thank you for the explanations! It is good to know how to make the job of long-arm quilting the quilt better so that we can help insure lovely results and no damage or injury to our talented quilter-professionals! Your quilting is always beautiful!


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